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      • Existing Tom Waterhouse Account

        Tom Waterhouse is now part of the William Hill family with all our Tom Waterhouse customers becoming William Hill clients.


        William Hill is one of the largest and most respected bookmaking firms in the world. Founded in 1934, William Hill has 80 years of know-how in bringing punters the best prices, the best promotions, the best technology and the best betting experience. The recent addition of NBA Live-Streaming, coupled with In-Play betting, also adds to the William Hill experience. Now Tom Waterhouse clients will be part of that quality betting experience.


        Welcome to the William Hill family.


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    • Will my William Hill username and password change from my old Tom Waterhouse login details?

      Your username may change if it is already taken by one of our current clients. In most cases though, usernames and passwords will remain exactly the same.


      Once your account has been fully migrated, you will be able to change any of your account details or settings.

    • Do I have to re-register my banking details?

      No, all your banking details will be transferred securely and fully.
    • What happens to my betting and transaction history?

      All your Tom Waterhouse betting and transaction history will be retained in your new William Hill account including all open bets.
    • What elements of my Tom Waterhouse account will be transferred?

      The following elements of your Tom Waterhouse account will be transferred to your new William Hill account:
      – All your personal details
      – All your banking details
      – Your complete transaction history
      – Your complete betting history
      – Your account preferences
      – Your pre-commitment limits
      – All betting products

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