Tom's Tips

With four generations of betting knowledge in my blood, I’ve learnt there are three key ingredients for winning. Choosing the horse, deciding on the right stake, and getting the best price.
— Tom Waterhouse

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Positive return
Or Money Back

I'm so confident in my tips that if you sign up for the Gold Package you will be refunded a month's subscription cost if there is a negative return in your first month.

That's money straight back into your account, without asking, even if you didn't bet!

Negative return in respect of your first month will be determined by the aggregate of the stake of bets won multiplied by the best price offered by Australian wagering operators minus the stake of all bets during your first 28 days as a Gold Package member.

It's as simple as that.



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Learn directly from the fourth generation elite in betting. If you're ready to take things to the next level, sign up to sit with Tom himself, shadow him, and learn from one of the best.